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Microsoft – Releasing code under GPL

July 31, 2009

Are you surprised by reading the title of the post? Yes, it is true that Microsoft has released some code under GPL although it is not much, but I think it is a good start. There are rumors that they have violated GPL but I think that could be fixed and it is acceptable as Microsoft did it for the first time. They will learn the correct way of doing things as the time will pass.

I may be exaggerating it but I am happy to see such good postured from Microsoft towards Linux and Linux community. It has been quiet a long time since Microsoft has been blaming Linux for code violations and was not showing any support for the Linux users in general. But the release of these drivers which are more or less 20,000 lines of code show that Microsoft is now finally changing.

Right now it will be very early to say if there will be any future releases but there is one thing, Microsoft will get some real love from Linux user community if they keep supporting them and that might help them a lot. But yet again if they don’t release anything under GPL they should not make claims that they used to do in the past.

Open Source is slowly making its way to enterprise and Linux in general. Recently google has made few real good anouncements which I will cover in next blogposts. So Stay tuned. Best of luck to all open source developers, because it is because of them I am writing this post from my Mozilla FireFox and this because of them that you are reading it from


A small but irritating bug in

April 10, 2008

Although the bug found on my personal blog, but I am posting about it here. As you all know recently has got new looks with all new dashboard and everthing. The dashboard looks great, many of you might have noticed a small tip (like below) on your dashboard if you haven’t updated your about page. Tip

Worpress tip in Dashboard


The tip is good to remind you if you have forgotten about page. Now the problem is when I click on “Update your about page” in the dashboard tip, it takes me to edit the page with post id = 2 which does not exist, so it looks like post id = 2 is hard coded in that link.

Page ID

Hard Coded page id

Error Message when the I access the above link

Page deleted

Although I have an about page on my blog which can be access via /about/ but its not the original about page with post id = 2 that was created when I registered that blog. I deleted that page quite a long time ago and then I created a new page which has now post id = 5.

New About Page

My Newly Created About Page

New Post with id = 5


It would be nice if its changed to read the page id from permalink that points to /about/ as I and may be many others don’t have the about page with page id = 2 any more.

So for me this irritating tip will never go away until the problem is fixed by the great guys working at I hope they will soon get time for this ;). Beside this is great.

Happy blogging!