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A wow gmail feature to save you from embarrassment

September 17, 2008

Gmail labs has new feature to avoid you from embarrassment. I have many times forgot to attach the file even I have mentioned it in the email and I am sure you all must have went through this too. I won’t say more about it go and have a read on “New in Labs: Forgotten attachment detector

Happy emailing!!!

How to fix suspend/hibernate stop working after new linux install

July 19, 2008

This is for those who had suspend/hibernate working fine, and then suddenly it stopped working. So you must be wondering what is broken? Or what have you done wrong to your system. This is because you either have installed another copy of Ubuntu or someother linux on separate partition and that changed the UUID of swap partition. So now you need to tell your Ubuntu system about that new UUID.

Below are the steps to solve the above mentioned problem. (more…)

Are you wondering why PSI on ubuntu is not playing any sounds?

July 19, 2008

So you are using PSI on Ubuntu and wondering why PSI is not playing sounds on new messages and on other events. PSI uses a play command to play sounds. You need to install few sound libraries that are used by play to enable PSI to play sounds. Use the following command to install required libraries.

sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all

Hope this will be helpful.

How to view actual physical memory available on xen host

July 19, 2008

When I was new on xen I had this very problem, that I was not able to figure out what is the actual amount of physical ram on xen host i.e Dom0. So sharing this little tip here for newbies that might be starting.

use “xm top” command to find out the actual physical ram.

Hope this will be helpful for someone.

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Setup squid proxy server to use multiple outgoing IP addresses

May 26, 2008

A friend of mine needed my help to configure squid server to use multiple IP addresses based on the squid’s IP being used as proxy server. I told him that he can configure the squid server using following squid acls and tcp_outgoing_address directives.

acl ip1 myip
acl ip2 myip
acl ip3 myip
tcp_outgoing_address ip1
tcp_outgoing_address ip2
tcp_outgoing_address ip3

The acl lines tell squid to match myip which means if someone uses the IP as their proxy server they will match the acl ip1 and so on..

Update: But his problem was not solved by this, because he had to configure squid for 500+ IPs and doing this by hand is not worth it when you have so many languages out there. So I wrote a small perl script for him to generate squid acl and tcp_outgoing_address directives for all IPs.

A small but irritating bug in

April 10, 2008

Although the bug found on my personal blog, but I am posting about it here. As you all know recently has got new looks with all new dashboard and everthing. The dashboard looks great, many of you might have noticed a small tip (like below) on your dashboard if you haven’t updated your about page. Tip

Worpress tip in Dashboard


The tip is good to remind you if you have forgotten about page. Now the problem is when I click on “Update your about page” in the dashboard tip, it takes me to edit the page with post id = 2 which does not exist, so it looks like post id = 2 is hard coded in that link.

Page ID

Hard Coded page id

Error Message when the I access the above link

Page deleted

Although I have an about page on my blog which can be access via /about/ but its not the original about page with post id = 2 that was created when I registered that blog. I deleted that page quite a long time ago and then I created a new page which has now post id = 5.

New About Page

My Newly Created About Page

New Post with id = 5


It would be nice if its changed to read the page id from permalink that points to /about/ as I and may be many others don’t have the about page with page id = 2 any more.

So for me this irritating tip will never go away until the problem is fixed by the great guys working at I hope they will soon get time for this ;). Beside this is great.

Happy blogging!

Ubuntu 7.10: Hibernate or Suspend does not work with restricted ATI drivers.

October 28, 2007

Due to a bug in restricted ATI drivers Hibernate or Suspend does not work on Ubuntu 7.10. When I tried to Hibernate/Suspend I got a blank screen which waited for nothing for ever. So I put a little search on the issue and found that this is the problem with ATI restricted drivers. Currently there are only 2 solutions for the problem:

  1. Use OpenSource ATI drivers.
  2. Stay with Ubuntu Fiesty, which is absolutely not a good option for many of us.

Note: I haven’t tested any of the above solutions. But this is what I found while doing the search for the solution of this problem.

I am not going to use OpenSource ATI drivers, because I don’t really need Hibernate/Suspend currently. When I will be needing them I will surely go for the OpenSource drivers. But maybe by that time we will have a fix/patch for the solution available.

Ubuntu Compiz Fusion on ATI

October 23, 2007

I tried Ubuntu on Acer Ferrari, it worked like charm. But when I tried to enable compiz fusion or so called desktop effects it wasn’t that straight. I would say it was a problem because every howto I found about enabling compiz fusion or desktop effects was missing the very basic requirement for desktop effect. That is xserver-xgl package, this package needs to be installed before you can enable desktop effects on your Ubuntu desktop. Use the command below to enable xgl on your Ubuntu.

Note: From Ubuntu 7.10 you only have to install the package, the xgl server will be automatically enabled.

apt-get install xserver-xgl

There wasn’t any other problem, the fglrx drivers from ubuntu repository worked fine for me. I have ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB that cam with my laptop. Need to check the rest of features, like camera, bluetooth mouse and connectivity my Nokia E50. I think enough for now.

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Google Apps for my domain:

May 21, 2007

Finally today I was able to try this new exciting Google Apps. I must say that this is a service of its kind. If you own a domain name then it is totally free for you. Just you have to prove your domain owner ship and bingo! You will have your own Gmail and Google Talk and if that is not enough for you then You can also host your pages on Google’s server as well as you will also get Google Calendar and Google Docs and Spreadsheet for your domain.

If you don’t have your own domain, don’t worry about it google also offers you a domain name for just $10. So hurry up go for it, I already did it today. The domain is now have all service on Google Apps.

The Hameed Khan‘s web page on Google Apps can be accessed at, the start page on Google Apps for Hameed Khan is available at Hameed Khan‘s Gmail like mail is available at:, in the same way you can also access Hameed Khan’s calendar at and Hameed Khan‘s Doc and Spreadsheet at

Give them a try, you can also have them and that all is for free :). If you belong to that group of people who thinks that free stuff lacks quality then Google also have a paid version for you ;). Aren’t they smart enough that they already have a version for you. The paid version is little bit expensive but its free trial is available for May 31st, 2007.

Paid version is Premier edition and it costs you around $50/user account/year. And you know what you can create 100 accounts in the free version. Every account will have their own 2GB mail space. The free (Standard Version) of Google Apps is enough for me. Don’t waste your time and go give it a try. If you want to test features I can give you account on my Google Apps for my domain.

Happy Googling!