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Firebug is now available for Firefox 3

June 28, 2008

Yay!!! one more yay for Firefox 3 and Firebug team. Firebug is now finally available for Firefox 3, specially for Ubuntu users its a breeze. Just do:

sudo apt-get install firebug

If you are not using Ubuntu, Get your firebug from Mozilla.

So there is alot happening for Firefox 3, As I already posted how efficient it is for memory and other resources. Also the bookmark management is awesome. Have a look at my firefox 3 post.

Kudos to Joe Hewitt for giving us something like Firebug.


Gear available for firefox 3

June 28, 2008

Gear up your Firefox 3 for offline browsing, because now Google’s Gears extension is available fore Firefox 3. Firefox 3 has been launched on June 17. And I just tested that Gears is now available for Firefox 3. Install Gears now.

For more information check gears blog post: Fly, Gears 0.3!

Also you can checkout Google I/O Gears sessions at: Gears Sessions from Google I/O are now available to watch

Happy browsing everyone!


Hibernate and suspend works perfectly fine on ubuntu 8.04

April 30, 2008

Wowwwwwwwwww! yes this was what I shouted when I installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy and enabled restricted drivers for my ATI card and found that Hibernate and suspend just works out of the box. Brilliant. I don’t remember where but I read somewhere that even sky is not the limit for Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth. This is so true, so true that it is just difficult for me to express.

The only thing that I didn’t liked is Firefox 3 bet 5 is forced on you, even though Firefox-2 is available in repository but making Firefox 3 beta verson a default choice is not the good decision. Because my beloved Google browser sync does not work with Firefox 3 and neither many of other available extensions.

I have tried both Ubuntu and Kubuntu flavors of Hardy and both are impressive. I will keep posting updates and my experiences with Ubuntu from time to time. For now, I have to leave we will do it later.

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Google App Engine comes with sweets and cakes

April 20, 2008

Google App Engine is like a treat to Python developers which comes with sweets and cakes. From sweets and cakes I mean like Google App Engine for Google Apps (I hope you know about Google Apps). The availability of SDK so it can be ported to other platforms like Amazon EC2 is now offering to host Google App Engine applications. And none the less support for Google App Engine has been added to Google Data Python Libaray.

All of these are available for your webapps if they are either built on Google Apps Engine SDK or Django web framework. Google App Engine being a buzz word now a days has brought attention of developers specially Python developers from all around the world to Google.

Many of them like me still waiting for their trun to be invited to sign up for Google App Engine Account. Hope our turn will come soon. Google will also be adding support for other languages like PHP and others, and that would be a turning point for Google App Engine. In my view as soon as the support for other popular languages will be available in Google App Engine, it will become the first choice of web application development framework.

For More information:

Google App Engine invites more and more Python programmers!

April 14, 2008

Google App Engine’s first signup batch was filled in hours after the first preview launch. Google has invited yet again 10,000 developers to signup for App Engine account as 2nd batch. I am still in the waiting list 😉 and I hope there will be many more. Lets hope we will get our invitation soon. Until that have a nice play with App Engine SDK.

Also Google App Engine team has anounced that they are actively working to support other programming languages on Google App Engine platform, so stay tuned guys PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl and even fortran will be supported.

Read more at:

Happy Sysadmin Day!

July 27, 2007

SysAdmin Day
Happy Sysadmin Day to all Sysadmins out there.

So, Say thanks to your SysAdmin and if you don’t do it on 27th, you can do it on later days too. They will really appreciate it. You criticize them and call them up for you complains and problems the whole year, but this is the day to appreciate them for their work. Its always sysadmins who make programmers bad and buggy code work on systems and submit bug reports to them so they can fix it.

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Google Apps for my domain:

May 21, 2007

Finally today I was able to try this new exciting Google Apps. I must say that this is a service of its kind. If you own a domain name then it is totally free for you. Just you have to prove your domain owner ship and bingo! You will have your own Gmail and Google Talk and if that is not enough for you then You can also host your pages on Google’s server as well as you will also get Google Calendar and Google Docs and Spreadsheet for your domain.

If you don’t have your own domain, don’t worry about it google also offers you a domain name for just $10. So hurry up go for it, I already did it today. The domain is now have all service on Google Apps.

The Hameed Khan‘s web page on Google Apps can be accessed at, the start page on Google Apps for Hameed Khan is available at Hameed Khan‘s Gmail like mail is available at:, in the same way you can also access Hameed Khan’s calendar at and Hameed Khan‘s Doc and Spreadsheet at

Give them a try, you can also have them and that all is for free :). If you belong to that group of people who thinks that free stuff lacks quality then Google also have a paid version for you ;). Aren’t they smart enough that they already have a version for you. The paid version is little bit expensive but its free trial is available for May 31st, 2007.

Paid version is Premier edition and it costs you around $50/user account/year. And you know what you can create 100 accounts in the free version. Every account will have their own 2GB mail space. The free (Standard Version) of Google Apps is enough for me. Don’t waste your time and go give it a try. If you want to test features I can give you account on my Google Apps for my domain.

Happy Googling!


Finally the name have been changed.

May 14, 2007

The name of iTechnology has been changed to Azaad Source with the new domain You can access the blog on the new domain ( as well as on the old domain (

I am not sure about all the feed readers but I have read on forum that some feed readers will automatically update the url to the new domain. So, if you have few minutes get your feed readers to read from the new azaad source feed url (

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Ann: Name Change

Ann: Name Change

May 7, 2007

Finally I have decided to change the name of iTechnology. This happened so fast and I was so busy during last week that I could not ask here on iTechnology about name suggestions. But a very good person and a new friend (Brian Deacon) has suggested AzaadSource and he have registered the appropriate domain for it too.

The new name will be applied as soon as I will get some time out. If you want to suggest any new domain or something you are welcome.

How to remotely backup your mobile for free

April 12, 2007

As I mentioned  on my personal blog that I have got a new Sony Ericsson K310i and was checking it’s remote synchronization feature. In the research of finding about remote synchronization and SyncML (the protocol every mobile supports for remote synchronization). That is how I found about zyb and funambol. First I will discuss briefly about funambol and then we will see how it is possible to backup all your contacts, calendars and Messages, yes you can backup your SMS messages too and zyb does not charge you a single penny, its free!

I couldn’t studied much about funambol, but what I have understood is funambol is the GPL implementation of SynML. According to Funambol site,

“Funambol provides push email, PIM synchronization, and device management for mobile devices, with all the advantages of open source software.”

Although I couldn’t get enough time to know more about funambol, but it is being added to my todo list to configure and install it on my machine so I can have a copy on my machine too. That was all I know about funambol but now let me introduce you to the Zyb.

Zyb allows you to store your contacts, calendars and SMS messages on their servers for backup. It uses SyncML which stand for Synchronization Markup Language. Remote synchronization does not require you to install any additional software neither on your computer nor even on your cell phone. You can update your data on Zyb‘s server every 10 minutes if it changes that frequently or you can schedule it to synchronized every 12 hours, every day, every week or every month.

After you will log on to you will notice that they claim Signing up is fast, easy and free and they really mean it. It even didn’t took me a minute to sign up and get my mobile configured for synchronization process. Yes, you don’t have to worry about configuring your mobile manually, zyb will take care of it. They will send settings on your mobile and will tell you during the sign up process how you can save those settings.

The most surprising thing is that, it is the first mobile service I have seen that supports Pakistan’s all cellular service providers. I was able to get SMS from Zyb on my Telenor number and was able to sync my data to zyb servers.

This is not the only thing you get with Zyb. They also allows you to manage your data via web, isn’t it great? You get an interface to your contacts where you can add delete contacts, you can add delete you appointments in your calendar and you get access to other information as well, but I didn’t tried any other thing. I also didn’t tried SMS backup feature because although Zyb is not charging me for backing up my SMS but Telenor will of course charge.

You can also set your mobile to automatically synchronize your data with regular intervals, and you can specify how long that interval should be. It was great experience signing up on Zyb, because “It’s fast. It’s easy and it’s free.”

Below are the few screen shots of Zyb interface from where you can access and manage all your contacts, calendars and messages.