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Microsoft – Releasing code under GPL

July 31, 2009

Are you surprised by reading the title of the post? Yes, it is true that Microsoft has released some code under GPL although it is not much, but I think it is a good start. There are rumors that they have violated GPL but I think that could be fixed and it is acceptable as Microsoft did it for the first time. They will learn the correct way of doing things as the time will pass.

I may be exaggerating it but I am happy to see such good postured from Microsoft towards Linux and Linux community. It has been quiet a long time since Microsoft has been blaming Linux for code violations and was not showing any support for the Linux users in general. But the release of these drivers which are more or less 20,000 lines of code show that Microsoft is now finally changing.

Right now it will be very early to say if there will be any future releases but there is one thing, Microsoft will get some real love from Linux user community if they keep supporting them and that might help them a lot. But yet again if they don’t release anything under GPL they should not make claims that they used to do in the past.

Open Source is slowly making its way to enterprise and Linux in general. Recently google has made few real good anouncements which I will cover in next blogposts. So Stay tuned. Best of luck to all open source developers, because it is because of them I am writing this post from my Mozilla FireFox and this because of them that you are reading it from


Happy Sysadmin Day!

July 27, 2007

SysAdmin Day
Happy Sysadmin Day to all Sysadmins out there.

So, Say thanks to your SysAdmin and if you don’t do it on 27th, you can do it on later days too. They will really appreciate it. You criticize them and call them up for you complains and problems the whole year, but this is the day to appreciate them for their work. Its always sysadmins who make programmers bad and buggy code work on systems and submit bug reports to them so they can fix it.

For more information about this day see:
System Administrator Appreciation Day
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Google Apps for my domain:

May 21, 2007

Finally today I was able to try this new exciting Google Apps. I must say that this is a service of its kind. If you own a domain name then it is totally free for you. Just you have to prove your domain owner ship and bingo! You will have your own Gmail and Google Talk and if that is not enough for you then You can also host your pages on Google’s server as well as you will also get Google Calendar and Google Docs and Spreadsheet for your domain.

If you don’t have your own domain, don’t worry about it google also offers you a domain name for just $10. So hurry up go for it, I already did it today. The domain is now have all service on Google Apps.

The Hameed Khan‘s web page on Google Apps can be accessed at, the start page on Google Apps for Hameed Khan is available at Hameed Khan‘s Gmail like mail is available at:, in the same way you can also access Hameed Khan’s calendar at and Hameed Khan‘s Doc and Spreadsheet at

Give them a try, you can also have them and that all is for free :). If you belong to that group of people who thinks that free stuff lacks quality then Google also have a paid version for you ;). Aren’t they smart enough that they already have a version for you. The paid version is little bit expensive but its free trial is available for May 31st, 2007.

Paid version is Premier edition and it costs you around $50/user account/year. And you know what you can create 100 accounts in the free version. Every account will have their own 2GB mail space. The free (Standard Version) of Google Apps is enough for me. Don’t waste your time and go give it a try. If you want to test features I can give you account on my Google Apps for my domain.

Happy Googling!


You have 11 more days to migrate to Azaad Source…

May 19, 2007

Open Source…You have 11 more days to migrate to Azaad Source (Open Source) software, because the grace period given by BSA is about to expire on 30th May, 2007. So, either buy the licenses or migrate to Open Source alternatives before you are busted by BSA. The choice is yours but as an Open Source Advocate following are the benefits if you go for Open source alternatives.

1. You don’t have to pay heavy licensing fees like you do for closed Source software.
2. You get all required software (Office Suite, Web Development Tools, Graphics Tools, Compilers, IDEs) under one license.
3. You get nice 3d effects which are not even possible in Windows Vista :P.
4. You can run all latest stable and reliable open source softwares on your old hardware. (No need to buy new hardware for every new OS Microsoft releases).
5. You get a great support from the whole Linux community in Pakistan.
9. You don’t have to make any international calls for support.
10. You don’t have to have any Anti Virus software for every workstation in your organization.

And the last but the important one, there is no BSA for Open Source softwares. So, make your decision today and migrate to Azaad Source (Open Source). Use Linux or any other Open Source Operating System, utilize your resources more efficiently.


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No! Windows Live Mail for FireFox 2.0

March 22, 2007

FireFox 2.0Today while logging in, I got invitation to try New Windows Live Mail Beta. The invitation claimed many new features and promised the faster mail access this time. So, I thought I should give it a try. I was using Firefox 2.0 on OpenSuSE 10.2. But I was surprised that Windows Live Mail is not for Firefox 2.0 or may be its because I was using Linux ;).

When I logged in my Inbox, to my surprise I found that it is no more ajax. I went for checking to make sure if they have really dropped AJAX from Windows Live Mail. And then I found in Options that I am using Windows Live Mail Basic. The instruction was given that full version is available for IE 6 and Firefox 1.5 or later.

I was surprised by this, because I am using Firefox 2.0. I don’t know why on the earth Firefox 2.0 is not later then Firefox 1.5. I hope this problem will be fixed soon. Below is the link to the screen shot that I took, have a look at No Windows Live Mail for FireFox 2.0.

May be that is the reason I prefer Gmail for all sort of email communications now. Because Gmail renders same on every good or bad browser. Gmail is also faster then Yahoo! Mail Beta and the old Windows Live Mail. I can’t say anything about new Windows Live Mail Beta, because they gave me basic version. I will try it again, when they will fix the FireFox 2.0 problem.

No Windows Live Mail on for Firefox 2.0

Show us the code!

February 27, 2007

Show us the code!

Yes, this is another campaign from the Linux community against Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, for his bluffs that Linux has stolen some code from Microsoft.

Microsoft is claiming from the day they had deal with Novell, that Linux has been build using some stolen code from Microsoft. These claims are just like crying like a baby for having no love from others, because the other baby (Linux) got all the love :P.

Do you think your code is good enough that some one even think about stealing it? If you really think Linux has stolen your code and then can you please point out, where is that code used in Linux. Oh, I’m sorry! But please hire a C Programmer for finding that one out. Because Linux is not written in C#, VB or any other .Net framework :P.

Make your contributions, and it’s not only for Linux users. If you use Windows only, you should also ask them to show us the code.

Show us the code!
Show us the code on wordpress.
Online Petition

Anti Internet Explorer Campaign

February 4, 2007 is vert strongly supporting, the site is making people aware of security issues in Internet Explorer.

The home page of claims that, “Internet Explorer can make your computer unsafe. Why not switch to a browser that’s more secure?”. Many people have shared their stories on the site. If you are being victim of Internet Explorer vulnerabilities and have made a switch to any other browser, then you must share your story too.

The site is promoting 4 popular browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari).

How do others take this campaign… “Anti Internet Explorer Campaign” or “People awareness campaign”…

Update: The logo will be shown when you’ll be accessing the admin area of your blog using an insecure browser (you know it) 😉

Sorry Google!

January 20, 2007

I was really disappointed to see that the newest version of Picasa that I downloaded for linux dosen’t have Export to Web Option. I decided to go for F-Spot and after setting up my account I realized that F-Spot is unable to upload .jpg images to PicasaWeb. I was really disappointed but I was in hurry to upload, so decided for a manual web upload. But I was so unfortunate that I only had 52MB remaining on my PicasaWeb.

This is no good! Why Google’s Linux version of Picasa doesn’t have Export to Web Option and why the hell on the earth I have 2.8 GB in gmail and only 150MB or so in Picasa Web. Why not they just merge these two storage spaces so I can have a 3GB Mail+Photo Album ;), wouldn’t it be great? I’ve been in love with google for a very long time and I prefer them over other service providers but they should really see in these matters.

I decided to setup Album on Yahoo! but Yahoo’s firefox addon wasn’t for firefox 2.0, so from F-Spot I uploaded pictures to using my Yahoo! ID. Sorry Google! because I had no other options instead to switch to yahoo! for my Photo management options. But I really do like Picasa’s Features specially those red eye and Collage things 😉 The Collage thing is really nice! but other optinos need to be improved like export to web, and more space on Picasa web. I Hope to see improvements soon. until then Happy Flickring to me 😉

Vista ends up helping Linux!

January 20, 2007

“One of the things we will probably notice is the hardware requirements for Vista are obviously much higher, and that could end up helping Linux just because people notice that you can run Linux on machines and have it work very well even if that same machine couldn’t run Vista at all,” Torvalds said.

Awesome Firefox Addon!

January 17, 2007

Thanks to “A List of Over 100 Best Firefox Extensions“. I found performancing on that blog. A very nice and friendly blog publishing addon for firefox. The Account wizard in performancing window just asked me my blog url (i.e and detected the service I was using. then it asked me my username and password and to my surprise listed both the blogs I’ve been running through this account. Performancing is just a F8 press away from me or I can click the pencil icon in my status bar. I can even copy paste items from the web page.  The history tab in performancing also shows all my previous posts. Oh my God! I figured our while writing that performancing also allows to upload images to Thats really one fine blog publishing addon. I really love it!  This is going to be my first post from performancing so I’m really excited to see it published. You can get performancing from Firefox Add-ons.

Below is screenshot.

powered by performancing firefox