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Google App Engine invites more and more Python programmers!

April 14, 2008

Google App Engine’s first signup batch was filled in hours after the first preview launch. Google has invited yet again 10,000 developers to signup for App Engine account as 2nd batch. I am still in the waiting list 😉 and I hope there will be many more. Lets hope we will get our invitation soon. Until that have a nice play with App Engine SDK.

Also Google App Engine team has anounced that they are actively working to support other programming languages on Google App Engine platform, so stay tuned guys PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl and even fortran will be supported.

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Python Developers build your apps for Google servers!

April 8, 2008

AppEngine LogoGoogle has launched Google App Engine which will host web apps for anyone. This is another great service launched by Google. Now developers don’t need to worry about their applicatioin’s growth because it will be now hosted on Google servers.

Google App Engine SDK allows developers to develop application locally. SDK also comes with the development web server just like Django. The database API is almost same as provided by django, so django developers will not have many problems developing application for Google App Engine.

What are you waiting for? Go and signup for Google App Engine at:

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Ubuntu Compiz Fusion on ATI

October 23, 2007

I tried Ubuntu on Acer Ferrari, it worked like charm. But when I tried to enable compiz fusion or so called desktop effects it wasn’t that straight. I would say it was a problem because every howto I found about enabling compiz fusion or desktop effects was missing the very basic requirement for desktop effect. That is xserver-xgl package, this package needs to be installed before you can enable desktop effects on your Ubuntu desktop. Use the command below to enable xgl on your Ubuntu.

Note: From Ubuntu 7.10 you only have to install the package, the xgl server will be automatically enabled.

apt-get install xserver-xgl

There wasn’t any other problem, the fglrx drivers from ubuntu repository worked fine for me. I have ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB that cam with my laptop. Need to check the rest of features, like camera, bluetooth mouse and connectivity my Nokia E50. I think enough for now.

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How to disable debconf for automated installs of packages using apt-get

April 21, 2007

I have been working on an application for the whole last month. Last week I realized that I need to disable debconf for packages that will be installed by my application using apt-get. I found in manuals that we can configure apt-get to don’t preconfigure packages by editing file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf.

As a quick hack I just commented out the only single line that was uncommented in that file. But that didn’t worked out for me. So, I spent lot of time in searching how can I stop debconf showing up and asking me questions for the bunch of applications that will be automatically installed.

I found two ways of changing this behavior, although only the second one was suitable for me  but I will share both.

First method
This method will change the debconf configuration and so debconf will not ask you when ever it will be called. If you want this solution the enter the following command and select the last (6th) option i.e “Noninteractive”.

dpkg-reconfigure debconf

Second method
This method allows to disable debconf interactive dialogs for a single execution of apt-get. And this is done by changing environmental variables. Got this tip from debconf manpage.  Below is the example apt-get installation of exim4 package.

DEBCONF_FRONTEND='noninteractive' apt-get install exim4

This was the solution that took me so long, I know I should be missing something or I should have consulted the man page on the very first place, because this is the reason they are provided on every Linux.

So, from now on. Read man page before going to Google. Yes, Google has made me lazy.

How to remotely backup your mobile for free

April 12, 2007

As I mentioned  on my personal blog that I have got a new Sony Ericsson K310i and was checking it’s remote synchronization feature. In the research of finding about remote synchronization and SyncML (the protocol every mobile supports for remote synchronization). That is how I found about zyb and funambol. First I will discuss briefly about funambol and then we will see how it is possible to backup all your contacts, calendars and Messages, yes you can backup your SMS messages too and zyb does not charge you a single penny, its free!

I couldn’t studied much about funambol, but what I have understood is funambol is the GPL implementation of SynML. According to Funambol site,

“Funambol provides push email, PIM synchronization, and device management for mobile devices, with all the advantages of open source software.”

Although I couldn’t get enough time to know more about funambol, but it is being added to my todo list to configure and install it on my machine so I can have a copy on my machine too. That was all I know about funambol but now let me introduce you to the Zyb.

Zyb allows you to store your contacts, calendars and SMS messages on their servers for backup. It uses SyncML which stand for Synchronization Markup Language. Remote synchronization does not require you to install any additional software neither on your computer nor even on your cell phone. You can update your data on Zyb‘s server every 10 minutes if it changes that frequently or you can schedule it to synchronized every 12 hours, every day, every week or every month.

After you will log on to you will notice that they claim Signing up is fast, easy and free and they really mean it. It even didn’t took me a minute to sign up and get my mobile configured for synchronization process. Yes, you don’t have to worry about configuring your mobile manually, zyb will take care of it. They will send settings on your mobile and will tell you during the sign up process how you can save those settings.

The most surprising thing is that, it is the first mobile service I have seen that supports Pakistan’s all cellular service providers. I was able to get SMS from Zyb on my Telenor number and was able to sync my data to zyb servers.

This is not the only thing you get with Zyb. They also allows you to manage your data via web, isn’t it great? You get an interface to your contacts where you can add delete contacts, you can add delete you appointments in your calendar and you get access to other information as well, but I didn’t tried any other thing. I also didn’t tried SMS backup feature because although Zyb is not charging me for backing up my SMS but Telenor will of course charge.

You can also set your mobile to automatically synchronize your data with regular intervals, and you can specify how long that interval should be. It was great experience signing up on Zyb, because “It’s fast. It’s easy and it’s free.”

Below are the few screen shots of Zyb interface from where you can access and manage all your contacts, calendars and messages.


Web Development using only open source tools.

March 11, 2007

Today while reading my favourite blogs I found two same nature posts on two different blogs. I said same nature because both posts talked about Web Development and Open Source, or to be more precise Web development using Open Source tools. As web development is really a major topic these days because of new inventions and ideas in web development. You must have heard about Web 2.0, AJAX and other related technologies.

The post, “Open Source Web Designs” on Linux and Open Source blog was about a great site which is sharing more than 2000 web designs that you can take and use on your web sites. The designs are really awesome, few of them are so good that I am thinking about having them on few sites that I maintain. You can get designs for you web site from Open Source Web Designs.

The other post, “Developing Websites solely in GNU/Linux – A Web Developer’s Experience” on All about Linux share with us the thoughts of an open source web developer. The developer has share his experiences in two part series which can be read here and here.

Happy Web Developing and Designing.

Yooo! Google Summer of Code 2007

February 17, 2007

Google has announce their Summer of Code for 2007. The biggest activity for students from all around the world. They will start accepting applications from March. You can get more information from here and here

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Why do you love Opensource? is it money or openness?

January 12, 2007

Why do you love Opensource? is that about money? is that about freedom? is that about liking? is that you are geek? is that you want to impress your friends? Today I was not in mood of work. So, I got this thought that why do I use open source? why do I prefer it? For me is the openness and freedom, but more then that its money.

Yes, thats true I can’t afford those heavy licenses. Even a 50$ dollar license for just an operating system is way too much for me. Because here in Pakistan salaries are not that high. A normal person gets only 10,000-12,000 Rs/month. And if 50$ is converted into Rs it became 3,000 Rs and thats 25% of the salary. You can buy a used PIII machine for 3,000 Rs. And its not Operating system that you have to pay for. You have to pay for Office Suite, Imaging products, IDE etc etc.

So, for me first it was price then slowly I got addicted to the freedom and power I got in Opensource software. Because I can customize it to my needs. I can remove the features I don’t like or I can add those that I like. Being a computer science student I love this openness and freedom but it started because of money ;).

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Learn Hacking!

January 4, 2007

Today While visiting some blogs I realized that even we are in 2007 but not many people know about hacking. So why not write about hacking again, but then I thought there is no use for reinventing wheel when Eric Raymond already have wrote so much about Hacking. So all the wanna be hackers here is your guide to learn hacking!. Enjoy!

How to become a hacker!
Who is Eric S. Raymond?

I think this two links are enough to keep you busy for the whole 2007 if you really follow them 😉

Happy Hacking!

Make the move! Will you?

January 3, 2007

I found a new site, which is desigend and developed to help new users that will probably migrate to linux because Vista is Bad. Take a look at, “Make the Move