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Happy Sysadmin Day!

July 27, 2007

SysAdmin Day
Happy Sysadmin Day to all Sysadmins out there.

So, Say thanks to your SysAdmin and if you don’t do it on 27th, you can do it on later days too. They will really appreciate it. You criticize them and call them up for you complains and problems the whole year, but this is the day to appreciate them for their work. Its always sysadmins who make programmers bad and buggy code work on systems and submit bug reports to them so they can fix it.

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Show us the code!

February 27, 2007

Show us the code!

Yes, this is another campaign from the Linux community against Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, for his bluffs that Linux has stolen some code from Microsoft.

Microsoft is claiming from the day they had deal with Novell, that Linux has been build using some stolen code from Microsoft. These claims are just like crying like a baby for having no love from others, because the other baby (Linux) got all the love :P.

Do you think your code is good enough that some one even think about stealing it? If you really think Linux has stolen your code and then can you please point out, where is that code used in Linux. Oh, I’m sorry! But please hire a C Programmer for finding that one out. Because Linux is not written in C#, VB or any other .Net framework :P.

Make your contributions, and it’s not only for Linux users. If you use Windows only, you should also ask them to show us the code.

Show us the code!
Show us the code on wordpress.
Online Petition

Sorry Google!

January 20, 2007

I was really disappointed to see that the newest version of Picasa that I downloaded for linux dosen’t have Export to Web Option. I decided to go for F-Spot and after setting up my account I realized that F-Spot is unable to upload .jpg images to PicasaWeb. I was really disappointed but I was in hurry to upload, so decided for a manual web upload. But I was so unfortunate that I only had 52MB remaining on my PicasaWeb.

This is no good! Why Google’s Linux version of Picasa doesn’t have Export to Web Option and why the hell on the earth I have 2.8 GB in gmail and only 150MB or so in Picasa Web. Why not they just merge these two storage spaces so I can have a 3GB Mail+Photo Album ;), wouldn’t it be great? I’ve been in love with google for a very long time and I prefer them over other service providers but they should really see in these matters.

I decided to setup Album on Yahoo! but Yahoo’s firefox addon wasn’t for firefox 2.0, so from F-Spot I uploaded pictures to using my Yahoo! ID. Sorry Google! because I had no other options instead to switch to yahoo! for my Photo management options. But I really do like Picasa’s Features specially those red eye and Collage things 😉 The Collage thing is really nice! but other optinos need to be improved like export to web, and more space on Picasa web. I Hope to see improvements soon. until then Happy Flickring to me 😉


January 11, 2007

iPhone, Apple’s phone or Cisco’s internet enabled phone (uses VoIP).

Apple unveiled iPhone 6 months before its release. And now all the news, blogs and articles are talking about iPhone. So, I decided to take a look at the product and I must say its awsome. iPhone will change the cell phone technology all together. It has Wi-Fi and GPRS Edge. It can sync with iPod and iTunes. It can download your emails from IMAP and POP3. It can sync with your address book. You just have to point your finger to a contact to make a call. and much much more. It will be available in two versions one with 4GB of memory and the other with 8GB. Thats too much for a phone. But unfortunately it will be released in June and will require a two year contract with cingular, the exclusive US carrier. more information on apple’s site.

On the other site Cisco is suing Apple for using their iPhone trademark that was registered in 2000. The vice chairman of cisco said, “There is no doubt that Apple’s new phone is very exciting, but they should not be using our trademark without our permission.” Let see how the issue will be resolved. Will Apple change the name of their new phone?

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