I am Hameedullah Khan and started this blog on Brian’s suggestion, a past client and a friend. This blog is all about technical stuff which includes, articles, howtos, tips, ideas, news and happenings in the IT world, specially related to Open Source. As I am a die hard fan of Open Source software I have created this separate blog to discuss all things about it.

Sometimes I post here articles or howtos from other people, and sometimes I share what I have done and what I like to do. So, its not that you are going to find some specific things here, but you will find some cool stuff ;).

I had been working with Open Source for last 5 years and have achieved 4 different certifications during this time. As a Linux and Open Source consultant I have provided consultancy to many different organizations including banks and some multi-nationals. Actually implementing my ideas and solutions in all those organizations was a fun and a new challenge every time because they all had different requirements and problems.

If you need my help in any matter regarding Linux and Open Source so you can ask me via comment or by writing an email.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. bloodsugarwilksm Says:

    Hey Hameed, just got around to checking out your site. Looks good!

  2. Internet Advertising in Pakistan Says:

    Nice website and interesting articles! Keep it up!

  3. nizam ali Says:

    Enjoy what you like to do Hameed

  4. Jeremy Wilson Says:

    I like the website Hameed. You touch upon some nice topics here. Currently, I’m studying for the NCLP 10 exam, and I was wondering since you have already taken it and was successful in passing it, if you could possibly give me some pointers and steer me in the right direction of how the exam is laid out, and possibly what key topics are covered. I have the novell-press study guides, but they seem to only graze the surface on quite a few topics. Thanks.

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