Google has announced to liberate users data to show how much it care about its users

Google has announced on their public policy blog that they have launched a data liberation front known as which will be used to guide Google users to liberate their data, means take their data away from Google to some other service. This is a very nice and sincere initiative from Google and will satisfy all those who claimed that Google has taken over our lives and we have all our improtant data under Google’s control. Even I was concerened about that but today Google has answered all of the concerns regarding the user’s data that is stored on Google. Currently not all service of Google supports data liberation but most of them do which includes Gmail too. shows how much Google is willing to commit open standards and open web. Google believes users own their data not Google and hence the project dataliberation has been initiated. I won’t be a surprise to see more such innovatives ideas coming out of Google because no doubt they have the best people in their team.


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