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OpenSource and me in 2009

January 9, 2009

First of all I am sorry for not being able to post on the blog, as I was really taken over in the past. But once again, now I will try to keep the blog updated else there is no point having the domain and blog here on, so I will now try to be regular.

I also have to write an article regarding Pakistan’s Economy and OpenSource, which is still not completed and already have been behind the scheduled. But I hope I will get it done very very soon. Hopefully sometime next week, although I will not be able to post it here until I get permission from Rabia, but lets see what happens.

As far as Opensource is concerned there are many things that has been changed, Ubuntu 8.10 came our, OpenSuse 11.1 came out, I had the chance to install OpenSer, etc etc. But couldn’t wrote about them here on the blog. I will try to update all of it here so I can later reference it, and also I feel very happy when someone find the posts here useful for them.

So, its like resolution for this year, that I will keep the blog updated.