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Hibernate and suspend works perfectly fine on ubuntu 8.04

April 30, 2008

Wowwwwwwwwww! yes this was what I shouted when I installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy and enabled restricted drivers for my ATI card and found that Hibernate and suspend just works out of the box. Brilliant. I don’t remember where but I read somewhere that even sky is not the limit for Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth. This is so true, so true that it is just difficult for me to express.

The only thing that I didn’t liked is Firefox 3 bet 5 is forced on you, even though Firefox-2 is available in repository but making Firefox 3 beta verson a default choice is not the good decision. Because my beloved Google browser sync does not work with Firefox 3 and neither many of other available extensions.

I have tried both Ubuntu and Kubuntu flavors of Hardy and both are impressive. I will keep posting updates and my experiences with Ubuntu from time to time. For now, I have to leave we will do it later.

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Google App Engine comes with sweets and cakes

April 20, 2008

Google App Engine is like a treat to Python developers which comes with sweets and cakes. From sweets and cakes I mean like Google App Engine for Google Apps (I hope you know about Google Apps). The availability of SDK so it can be ported to other platforms like Amazon EC2 is now offering to host Google App Engine applications. And none the less support for Google App Engine has been added to Google Data Python Libaray.

All of these are available for your webapps if they are either built on Google Apps Engine SDK or Django web framework. Google App Engine being a buzz word now a days has brought attention of developers specially Python developers from all around the world to Google.

Many of them like me still waiting for their trun to be invited to sign up for Google App Engine Account. Hope our turn will come soon. Google will also be adding support for other languages like PHP and others, and that would be a turning point for Google App Engine. In my view as soon as the support for other popular languages will be available in Google App Engine, it will become the first choice of web application development framework.

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Google App Engine invites more and more Python programmers!

April 14, 2008

Google App Engine’s first signup batch was filled in hours after the first preview launch. Google has invited yet again 10,000 developers to signup for App Engine account as 2nd batch. I am still in the waiting list 😉 and I hope there will be many more. Lets hope we will get our invitation soon. Until that have a nice play with App Engine SDK.

Also Google App Engine team has anounced that they are actively working to support other programming languages on Google App Engine platform, so stay tuned guys PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl and even fortran will be supported.

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A small but irritating bug in

April 10, 2008

Although the bug found on my personal blog, but I am posting about it here. As you all know recently has got new looks with all new dashboard and everthing. The dashboard looks great, many of you might have noticed a small tip (like below) on your dashboard if you haven’t updated your about page. Tip

Worpress tip in Dashboard


The tip is good to remind you if you have forgotten about page. Now the problem is when I click on “Update your about page” in the dashboard tip, it takes me to edit the page with post id = 2 which does not exist, so it looks like post id = 2 is hard coded in that link.

Page ID

Hard Coded page id

Error Message when the I access the above link

Page deleted

Although I have an about page on my blog which can be access via /about/ but its not the original about page with post id = 2 that was created when I registered that blog. I deleted that page quite a long time ago and then I created a new page which has now post id = 5.

New About Page

My Newly Created About Page

New Post with id = 5


It would be nice if its changed to read the page id from permalink that points to /about/ as I and may be many others don’t have the about page with page id = 2 any more.

So for me this irritating tip will never go away until the problem is fixed by the great guys working at I hope they will soon get time for this ;). Beside this is great.

Happy blogging!

Python Developers build your apps for Google servers!

April 8, 2008

AppEngine LogoGoogle has launched Google App Engine which will host web apps for anyone. This is another great service launched by Google. Now developers don’t need to worry about their applicatioin’s growth because it will be now hosted on Google servers.

Google App Engine SDK allows developers to develop application locally. SDK also comes with the development web server just like Django. The database API is almost same as provided by django, so django developers will not have many problems developing application for Google App Engine.

What are you waiting for? Go and signup for Google App Engine at:

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