GetUTube: YouTube Video Downloader in Bash

Below is the script I wrote in hurry for a friend. Many of my friends wanted to download Videos from YouTube for later viewing but they always complained about available scripts or programs, so I decided to write my own quick and simple script which work as we want it ;).

I know below script does not have any comments or checks, but this is what I wrote in hurry.



if [ "$1" == "" ]; then
echo "Please provide YouTube Video's Page URL"


echo -n "Getting video URL..."
wget -O $TMPFILE $1
echo "DONE"

UGETURL="`grep video_id $TMPFILE|grep fullscreenUrl|head -1`"
rm -f $TMPFILE

echo -n "Downloading Video..."
wget -O "${FILENAME}.flv" "$URLPARAMS"
echo "DONE"


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One Response to “GetUTube: YouTube Video Downloader in Bash”

  1. aligeek Says:

    i didnt check this script yet but will give it a try got the logic and thanks for that

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