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Ubuntu 7.10: Hibernate or Suspend does not work with restricted ATI drivers.

October 28, 2007

Due to a bug in restricted ATI drivers Hibernate or Suspend does not work on Ubuntu 7.10. When I tried to Hibernate/Suspend I got a blank screen which waited for nothing for ever. So I put a little search on the issue and found that this is the problem with ATI restricted drivers. Currently there are only 2 solutions for the problem:

  1. Use OpenSource ATI drivers.
  2. Stay with Ubuntu Fiesty, which is absolutely not a good option for many of us.

Note: I haven’t tested any of the above solutions. But this is what I found while doing the search for the solution of this problem.

I am not going to use OpenSource ATI drivers, because I don’t really need Hibernate/Suspend currently. When I will be needing them I will surely go for the OpenSource drivers. But maybe by that time we will have a fix/patch for the solution available.


Ubuntu Compiz Fusion on ATI

October 23, 2007

I tried Ubuntu on Acer Ferrari, it worked like charm. But when I tried to enable compiz fusion or so called desktop effects it wasn’t that straight. I would say it was a problem because every howto I found about enabling compiz fusion or desktop effects was missing the very basic requirement for desktop effect. That is xserver-xgl package, this package needs to be installed before you can enable desktop effects on your Ubuntu desktop. Use the command below to enable xgl on your Ubuntu.

Note: From Ubuntu 7.10 you only have to install the package, the xgl server will be automatically enabled.

apt-get install xserver-xgl

There wasn’t any other problem, the fglrx drivers from ubuntu repository worked fine for me. I have ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB that cam with my laptop. Need to check the rest of features, like camera, bluetooth mouse and connectivity my Nokia E50. I think enough for now.

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