CentOS 5: Bad Expereinces

Finally after many days I am able to get some time out for my little so called blog :). I am gonna write about the experience or bad experience I had today with CentOS 5. Today I thought that I should give CentOS 5 a try. The install process was almost the same as before.

The first bad impression of CentOS 5 was the software was still the same old software i.e FireFox 1.5.x and Thunderbird 1.5.x. I don’t know the reason why these are not upgraded to the new series of 2.x, but these 2 softwares are my mostly used softwares and I can’t go back to 1.5 series without having a good strong reason. Maybe CentOS 5 borrowed this from RedHat 5.

The other very strange problem from the layman point was during installation I thought I should install Virtualization packages and should give it a try. After installation I found that CentOS 5 is somewhat slower on my home machine with 1G of Physical Ram and 2.6Ghz Intel Processor, I thought I should remove the Virtualization packages from my home machine and will try it on some other more powerfull machine. I went to Add/Remove Software and de-selected Virtualization option. The uninstallation was successfull, after uninstallation I thought I should reboot the machine so it will start from the normal kernel instead of the Xen kernel, because when you select Virtualizaiton during installation your CentOS 5 will automatically boot with Xen Kernel (no choice like SLES to boot to the normal or Xen Kernel).

I rebooted the machine and I was surprised GRUB spitted an error on the screen saying it can’t find the xen kernel.

I think CentOS 4.4 still gets my vote for being more stable and reliable then CentOS 5. I wonder about RedHat 5 do they have the same problems too. I Love CentOS 4.4 🙂

Note: The above all comments are from an end user point of view by an individual and does not represent the comments of any company or any other person except me (Hameedullah Khan).


6 Responses to “CentOS 5: Bad Expereinces”

  1. Robert Schouwenburg Says:

    I had exactly the same experience regarding the XEN-kernel. De-installation leads to an unbootable system. 😦

    But I am very happy with CentOS 5. I use it on my workstation and I am not bothered by the old versions of OpenOffice and Firefox. Both are working fine for me and I have no need for the new features from either package.

    It did happily suprise me for the support of my laptop. Suspend and hibernate work out of the box. Bluetooth worked, network-manager worked. The only items which needed my attention were Skype and the firmware for my Intel 2915ABG wifi device.

    I do use CentOS 4.5 on my server.

  2. prentice Says:

    triing to install wordpress on centos4 and recive the following error.
    Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress. where do i go from here it is on my own personal server.

  3. Hameedullah Khan Says:

    Hello prentice,
    you need to install php-mysql package. if you use yum, the command ‘yum install php-mysql’ will install php-mysql package for you. I hope this will solve your problem. Thanks.

  4. prentice Says:

    youre freaking awasome thanks!

  5. No Ubunut!!!! « Hameed’s Diary Says:

    […] know I had few bad experiences with CentOS 5, but it is pretty much stable and running perfectly on my Desktop. And also stability is the reason […]

  6. Duke Robillard Says:

    Thanks for the warning on removing virtualization package from CentOS 5.

    Instead, I just did a “yum install kernel.i686” and that worked okay; it put the new,
    non-xen kernel in /boot and added it to my grub.conf file, without messing with the
    existing xen kernel. Now I can pick the one I want at boot time

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