How to remotely backup your mobile for free

As I mentioned  on my personal blog that I have got a new Sony Ericsson K310i and was checking it’s remote synchronization feature. In the research of finding about remote synchronization and SyncML (the protocol every mobile supports for remote synchronization). That is how I found about zyb and funambol. First I will discuss briefly about funambol and then we will see how it is possible to backup all your contacts, calendars and Messages, yes you can backup your SMS messages too and zyb does not charge you a single penny, its free!

I couldn’t studied much about funambol, but what I have understood is funambol is the GPL implementation of SynML. According to Funambol site,

“Funambol provides push email, PIM synchronization, and device management for mobile devices, with all the advantages of open source software.”

Although I couldn’t get enough time to know more about funambol, but it is being added to my todo list to configure and install it on my machine so I can have a copy on my machine too. That was all I know about funambol but now let me introduce you to the Zyb.

Zyb allows you to store your contacts, calendars and SMS messages on their servers for backup. It uses SyncML which stand for Synchronization Markup Language. Remote synchronization does not require you to install any additional software neither on your computer nor even on your cell phone. You can update your data on Zyb‘s server every 10 minutes if it changes that frequently or you can schedule it to synchronized every 12 hours, every day, every week or every month.

After you will log on to you will notice that they claim Signing up is fast, easy and free and they really mean it. It even didn’t took me a minute to sign up and get my mobile configured for synchronization process. Yes, you don’t have to worry about configuring your mobile manually, zyb will take care of it. They will send settings on your mobile and will tell you during the sign up process how you can save those settings.

The most surprising thing is that, it is the first mobile service I have seen that supports Pakistan’s all cellular service providers. I was able to get SMS from Zyb on my Telenor number and was able to sync my data to zyb servers.

This is not the only thing you get with Zyb. They also allows you to manage your data via web, isn’t it great? You get an interface to your contacts where you can add delete contacts, you can add delete you appointments in your calendar and you get access to other information as well, but I didn’t tried any other thing. I also didn’t tried SMS backup feature because although Zyb is not charging me for backing up my SMS but Telenor will of course charge.

You can also set your mobile to automatically synchronize your data with regular intervals, and you can specify how long that interval should be. It was great experience signing up on Zyb, because “It’s fast. It’s easy and it’s free.”

Below are the few screen shots of Zyb interface from where you can access and manage all your contacts, calendars and messages.



7 Responses to “How to remotely backup your mobile for free”

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  2. jibz Says:

    i love zyb man , considering the crap that is on the market, a service like this rocks

  3. Zeeshan Hasan Says:

    Wao ! its an owsome service it requires WAP and cost to backup you data depends on the no of KB of data as that is how our cellular companies charge for WAP, i am using mobilink which has the most pathatic wap service and still it only took me 10 min to backup all my phone book and i think it costs hardly 10 – 20 rs i guess i am not sure ! just gr8

  4. Hameed Khan Says:

    I am not sure about Mobilink prices, but Telenor charges 15Rs/Mb. And my 116 contacts backup cost me 4 Rs. 😉 As my contacts and calendars don’t change so frequently, I have scheduled it for weekly synchronization, so I think spending 16Rs/month for keeping your contacts and appointments safe is almost free.

    You are right, Zyb is really a great service!

  5. bibi Says:


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