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Blogging on Fire with Firefox

March 27, 2007

Today when I launched my browser, I realized that the color of performancing icon have been changed. And when I clicked on it, I realized that it is no more performancing.

It (performancing) has been renamed to ScribeFire, the colors have been changed too. But I like it and will use it anyway.

I am writing this entry too from ScribeFire, and the new site is

I could only note following 2 new features, I know there will be more:

  • Add New Categories from ScribeFire.
  • Page management :).

So, now blogging is on Fire!

Happy blogging!


No! Windows Live Mail for FireFox 2.0

March 22, 2007

FireFox 2.0Today while logging in, I got invitation to try New Windows Live Mail Beta. The invitation claimed many new features and promised the faster mail access this time. So, I thought I should give it a try. I was using Firefox 2.0 on OpenSuSE 10.2. But I was surprised that Windows Live Mail is not for Firefox 2.0 or may be its because I was using Linux ;).

When I logged in my Inbox, to my surprise I found that it is no more ajax. I went for checking to make sure if they have really dropped AJAX from Windows Live Mail. And then I found in Options that I am using Windows Live Mail Basic. The instruction was given that full version is available for IE 6 and Firefox 1.5 or later.

I was surprised by this, because I am using Firefox 2.0. I don’t know why on the earth Firefox 2.0 is not later then Firefox 1.5. I hope this problem will be fixed soon. Below is the link to the screen shot that I took, have a look at No Windows Live Mail for FireFox 2.0.

May be that is the reason I prefer Gmail for all sort of email communications now. Because Gmail renders same on every good or bad browser. Gmail is also faster then Yahoo! Mail Beta and the old Windows Live Mail. I can’t say anything about new Windows Live Mail Beta, because they gave me basic version. I will try it again, when they will fix the FireFox 2.0 problem.

No Windows Live Mail on for Firefox 2.0

Web Development using only open source tools.

March 11, 2007

Today while reading my favourite blogs I found two same nature posts on two different blogs. I said same nature because both posts talked about Web Development and Open Source, or to be more precise Web development using Open Source tools. As web development is really a major topic these days because of new inventions and ideas in web development. You must have heard about Web 2.0, AJAX and other related technologies.

The post, “Open Source Web Designs” on Linux and Open Source blog was about a great site which is sharing more than 2000 web designs that you can take and use on your web sites. The designs are really awesome, few of them are so good that I am thinking about having them on few sites that I maintain. You can get designs for you web site from Open Source Web Designs.

The other post, “Developing Websites solely in GNU/Linux – A Web Developer’s Experience” on All about Linux share with us the thoughts of an open source web developer. The developer has share his experiences in two part series which can be read here and here.

Happy Web Developing and Designing.