Show us the code!

Show us the code!

Yes, this is another campaign from the Linux community against Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, for his bluffs that Linux has stolen some code from Microsoft.

Microsoft is claiming from the day they had deal with Novell, that Linux has been build using some stolen code from Microsoft. These claims are just like crying like a baby for having no love from others, because the other baby (Linux) got all the love :P.

Do you think your code is good enough that some one even think about stealing it? If you really think Linux has stolen your code and then can you please point out, where is that code used in Linux. Oh, I’m sorry! But please hire a C Programmer for finding that one out. Because Linux is not written in C#, VB or any other .Net framework :P.

Make your contributions, and it’s not only for Linux users. If you use Windows only, you should also ask them to show us the code.

Show us the code!
Show us the code on wordpress.
Online Petition


One Response to “Show us the code!”

  1. Karel Lukas Says:

    Yugma is reaching out to key Linux stakeholders and Microsoft for May 1 meeting regarding “Show Us The Code” issue.

    More info at

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