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Show us the code!

February 27, 2007

Show us the code!

Yes, this is another campaign from the Linux community against Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, for his bluffs that Linux has stolen some code from Microsoft.

Microsoft is claiming from the day they had deal with Novell, that Linux has been build using some stolen code from Microsoft. These claims are just like crying like a baby for having no love from others, because the other baby (Linux) got all the love :P.

Do you think your code is good enough that some one even think about stealing it? If you really think Linux has stolen your code and then can you please point out, where is that code used in Linux. Oh, I’m sorry! But please hire a C Programmer for finding that one out. Because Linux is not written in C#, VB or any other .Net framework :P.

Make your contributions, and it’s not only for Linux users. If you use Windows only, you should also ask them to show us the code.

Show us the code!
Show us the code on wordpress.
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Are you powered by Linux?

February 25, 2007

linux1.pngToday while reading WordPress Linux tag feed, I found a post that contained very nice logos of powered by Linux. Although I wasn’t familiar with the language used, but the logos are so nice, that I decided to post about them here. I am sure there will be more better logos, but for me these are really awesome. I hope you people will also like them. (more…)

Humor: Linyos Torovoltos a soviet computer hacker

February 18, 2007

Today I read a very interesting article from one of my favorite  blogs.  The article  was  really humorous and I couldn’t stop myself from posting it to be shared.

That was really funny, Linux torvals soviet pronunciation ” Linyos Torovoltos”. The article pointed out by, All About Linux.

The article titled, “Is your son computer hacker” The article is really humorous, you can read it from here .

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Yooo! Google Summer of Code 2007

February 17, 2007

Google has announce their Summer of Code for 2007. The biggest activity for students from all around the world. They will start accepting applications from March. You can get more information from here and here

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Anti Internet Explorer Campaign

February 4, 2007 is vert strongly supporting, the site is making people aware of security issues in Internet Explorer.

The home page of claims that, “Internet Explorer can make your computer unsafe. Why not switch to a browser that’s more secure?”. Many people have shared their stories on the site. If you are being victim of Internet Explorer vulnerabilities and have made a switch to any other browser, then you must share your story too.

The site is promoting 4 popular browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari).

How do others take this campaign… “Anti Internet Explorer Campaign” or “People awareness campaign”…

Update: The logo will be shown when you’ll be accessing the admin area of your blog using an insecure browser (you know it) 😉