Sorry Google!

I was really disappointed to see that the newest version of Picasa that I downloaded for linux dosen’t have Export to Web Option. I decided to go for F-Spot and after setting up my account I realized that F-Spot is unable to upload .jpg images to PicasaWeb. I was really disappointed but I was in hurry to upload, so decided for a manual web upload. But I was so unfortunate that I only had 52MB remaining on my PicasaWeb.

This is no good! Why Google’s Linux version of Picasa doesn’t have Export to Web Option and why the hell on the earth I have 2.8 GB in gmail and only 150MB or so in Picasa Web. Why not they just merge these two storage spaces so I can have a 3GB Mail+Photo Album ;), wouldn’t it be great? I’ve been in love with google for a very long time and I prefer them over other service providers but they should really see in these matters.

I decided to setup Album on Yahoo! but Yahoo’s firefox addon wasn’t for firefox 2.0, so from F-Spot I uploaded pictures to using my Yahoo! ID. Sorry Google! because I had no other options instead to switch to yahoo! for my Photo management options. But I really do like Picasa’s Features specially those red eye and Collage things 😉 The Collage thing is really nice! but other optinos need to be improved like export to web, and more space on Picasa web. I Hope to see improvements soon. until then Happy Flickring to me 😉


4 Responses to “Sorry Google!”

  1. chanux Says:

    You may get that addon work in Fx 2.0 with little effort. just search for clamwin antivirus glue extension & check comments there.

  2. chanux Says:

    search on Fox addons site.

  3. Hameed Khan Says:

    That tip doesn’t work for yahoo! photo extension. Because after changing the version it exits with Signing failed message ;).

  4. Snexlex Says:

    I hope this will make my Firefox stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂

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