Why do you love Opensource? is it money or openness?

Why do you love Opensource? is that about money? is that about freedom? is that about liking? is that you are geek? is that you want to impress your friends? Today I was not in mood of work. So, I got this thought that why do I use open source? why do I prefer it? For me is the openness and freedom, but more then that its money.

Yes, thats true I can’t afford those heavy licenses. Even a 50$ dollar license for just an operating system is way too much for me. Because here in Pakistan salaries are not that high. A normal person gets only 10,000-12,000 Rs/month. And if 50$ is converted into Rs it became 3,000 Rs and thats 25% of the salary. You can buy a used PIII machine for 3,000 Rs. And its not Operating system that you have to pay for. You have to pay for Office Suite, Imaging products, IDE etc etc.

So, for me first it was price then slowly I got addicted to the freedom and power I got in Opensource software. Because I can customize it to my needs. I can remove the features I don’t like or I can add those that I like. Being a computer science student I love this openness and freedom but it started because of money ;).

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