Linux Divided

The Linux users are bieng divided into three group. and I feel like part of all groups with some exceptions ;).

1. Philosophical Users
2. Business Users
3. Home Users

Where you stand in these 3 groups? read more at openaddict

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One Response to “Linux Divided”

  1. Bob Robertson Says:

    I’m a home user, but not as the articles imply. I came to Linux in 1995 because I wanted home UNIX and _NOT_ Windows. I don’t like proprietary/binary-only drivers, and I do care about “Free as in Freedom”, because when the source is open the software will work better _and_ it cannot be taken back once released as “free”.

    I save lots of money with recycled hardware and software that doesn’t require license fees.

    So guess what? Chalk one up in each of your three categories, because I belong in all three.

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