Learn Hacking!

Today While visiting some blogs I realized that even we are in 2007 but not many people know about hacking. So why not write about hacking again, but then I thought there is no use for reinventing wheel when Eric Raymond already have wrote so much about Hacking. So all the wanna be hackers here is your guide to learn hacking!. Enjoy!

How to become a hacker!
Who is Eric S. Raymond?

I think this two links are enough to keep you busy for the whole 2007 if you really follow them 😉

Happy Hacking!


8 Responses to “Learn Hacking!”

  1. nizam Says:

    i want to learn about hacking.

  2. Miny Man85895 Says:

    i dont get it

  3. learn hacking Says:

    Yea buddy.. Eric Raymond did a great job. I am collecting all the information related to white hat hacking. so people can learn hacking stuffs from my site. http://SecureSlash.com . You can share your knowledge with us. So we can help people.. who likes learn to hack.


  4. Daniel Says:

    Can anyone teach how to be hacker…

  5. sidh Says:

    hey i want to know and how can learn about Hacking……..

  6. TRANG Says:

    i want learning hacking
    can you help me

  7. nii Says:

    i want to know hacking to use, when there is a need for it for good reason

  8. dhan Says:

    i want to learn hacking, but how i first start it?

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