Free laptops for bloggers!

Wow! I just read that Microsoft sent free Laptop to a blogger. Will I also get one? because I really want one now a days. If they are still giving away laptops I would really like to have one! And I’ll surely write about Vista for the whole 2007 ;). I like this idea of giving away free laptops and get reviews for your new product on famous blogs. I really like their way of marketing. By the way, I don’t know but what will happen if other companies will start same type of campaigns. Will the blogs become product logs or plogs? OR The bloggers will start refusing gifts from companies.

Bribing Bloggers


3 Responses to “Free laptops for bloggers!”

  1. Teeth Maestro Says:

    Who cares if it sends me a laptop ill take it, but then maybe they wont send one to me since I use Linux/Ubuntu. Dropped the Win OS about 3 months back and cant regret one bit. Whenever you get the laptop holler 😉

  2. Hameed Khan Says:

    I regret the days when I couldn’t keep up with my blog when it was on Blogger.

  3. Taimoor Khan Says:

    I check vista its great but i can’t because use on my own PC because it is slower so i want a laptop

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