Linux: A European threat to American Computers?

Today while surfing I found very interesting blog “Shelley The Republication: The Freedom Blog”.

The authors running that blog seem to have very strong feelings about Linux. According to the blog Linux is threat to American computers and it was developed by Chinese and European hackers because the are jealous of American lead in the IT industry. more

Accoring to the blog Osama Bin Laden uses Linux on his laptop, and that’s how he saves money for the rifles and rocket launchers.

From the blog:

And guess what software Osama Bin Laden uses on his laptop?

If you guessed it was Linux you would be 100% right. Osama uses Linux because he knows designed to counterfit DVDs, curcumventing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and defraud companies like Disney.

Next time somebody asks you how Al Queda agents pay for their rifles and rocket launchers, you can tell them that foreign hackers make software called Linux which helps them steal from Americans.

Osama uses linux just because he want to copy DVDs. This is the funniest statement I can ever hear.

Few more funny and interesting quotes from the blogs which according to the site are facts:

“Fact File: The most skilled hackers call themselves “Script Kiddies” because they use Linux PHP scripts to do all their hacking. PHP is an obsolete programming language that was based on an ammateur implementation of Microsoft’s ASP.”

Give me a break! You forget Perl here… Please don’t be so ignorant.

“Can your European Linux do this? The new Windows Vista desktop: Linux computers are still burdened with a text-mode interface, wheras Windows Vista has the latest cutting-edge design”

They might not have seen the almighty SuSe desktop :p.

Fact File: What is a Kernel? This component is used for typing in simple commands like “dir” and “more”. Windows has a component called “cmd.exe” which serves a similar purpose but comes with better commands. Windows programmers often use a modern graphical user interface in preference to a kernel, however Linux users do not have this luxuary.

Oh my GOD! Looks like they really have some knowledge about computers.

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The people running that blog really have a very good sense of humor. I don’t have words how much I’m impressed and convinced from the comments and facts they had on the site.


One Response to “Linux: A European threat to American Computers?”

  1. davenport Says:

    I think all is mumbo jumbo because in a world of globalization, there room for evryone to profit from. Everyone is competing to be the best but the best lye within yourself. If one company should feel that their creation not be share with others then why not? If the other company had its creative moment I believed it would not want to share as well. Why not leave the creativity to the creators and the politics to the politians, and opinions to ourselves

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