Counter Piracy!

BSA has warned all well known organizations in Pakistan to get rid of their pirated copies of softwares, and get legal licensed version before 20th May. 3 more days left. Lets see what will happen after the deadline. Check coverage on Jang.

But if:
You don’t want to be part of this?
Want to be on safe side?
Want to get rid of Pirated software?
Want to use licensed and legal software with out paying heavy licensing fee?
Want to deploy leading edge softwares in your organization?

There is only one simple answer to all the above questions, use OPEN SOURCE. Yes! Believe me open source is the answer to all the above questions. Contact a good open source consultancy organization, because they are here to help you. Offcourse they will charge you a little fee, but it will be very less as compare to those heavy licensing fees of commercialized softwares. Below are some well known Organization you can contact:

1. Ping Systems:
2. Emergen:
3. Copyleft solutions

for more organizations:

Use Open Source Software, Kill Piracy.
Live happier life!


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