How to become a Hacker

So, you want to become a hacker? First you should know what a hacker is? and What basically is the art of hacking?

A hacker is the person who build things. For more elaborate information consult the How to becom a Hacker by Eric Steven Raymond. Eric Steven Raymond dosen’t need any introduction. He has written many good books one of them is about Open Source Development model, and is know as The Cathedral and the Bazaar. He is also maintaining the very famous jargon file, current version is 4.4.7. You can access many of his Articles and HOWTOs from here.

So, If you really want to be a hacker read all of this articles to get a feeling of hacker attitude and hackers culture. But If you want to know how to get un-authorized access in other peoples system then you must not waste your time read Eric’s articles. They aren’t for you. Go and read some real geeky articles especially of ankit fadia’s one :). No offence meant!

Thats it for now,
Happy Hacking!


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