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BSA Claims 35% of Software is Pirated

May 28, 2006

Zonk posted on the following story:

hdtv writes “Business Software Alliance says 35% of packaged software installed on PCs globally is pirated, and estimates the losses at $34 bln. From the article: ‘The countries with the highest piracy rates were Vietnam (90%), Zimbabwe (90%), Indonesia (87%), China (86%), and Pakistan (86%). The countries with the lowest piracy rates were the United States (21%), New Zealand (23%), Austria (26%), and Finland (26%).’ TechDirt analysis debunks some of the myths: ‘The BSA claims that all of these “lost sales” represent real harm to the economy. It’s the same bogus argument they’ve trotted out before, which is easily debunked. Much of that unauthorized software is being used to make firms much more productive than they would be otherwise — probably benefiting the overall economy quite a bit.'”

1. Slashdot story at:
2. Discuss this story!
3. TechDirt Analysis


Students be taught programming with IDE or without IDE?

May 23, 2006

A very good discussion you can follow at: Slashdot . The discussion is about whether students be taught programming with IDE or without IDE? I personally prefer without IDE while learning. But one can always use IDE while developing a software. By not use IDE while learning programming will make student not dependent on any particular IDE. Because there will be times in the student’s life when he won’t have that IDE on which he learned to develop. At that time he will be unable to program. For this reason I’ll prefer learning programming with simple text editors. 🙂

This dosen’t mean to offend someone. Every one has it’s own views.
Happy coding!

Crackdown on pirated software users continues

May 21, 2006

Story at:

Staff Reporter

Lahore—The law enforcing personnel taking legal action against a computer dealer here on Wahdat Road arrested three persons and seized 1109 CDs and five brand new computers for dealing in pirated software.

“This police action reveals the dangers companies may face if they continue to ignore the software copyright law and do not have adequate software management procedures in place,” said Al Redha, Co-Chairman, Business Software Alliance (BSA), Middle East in a press statement issued here Monday.

He said the law enforcement activities will be carried out throughout the country until manufacturing, distribution and use of illegal software is dramatically reduced.

Al Redha has asked all the hard disk loaders to ensure that software utilised in their operations is legal, as they will be held personally accountable for this crime.

He said, “BSA is targeting both the small and big companies and organizations violating the copyright law under its nationwide campaign, to protect the intellectual property rights of the software producers.”

He said BSA is a global anti-software theft trade body formed by world’s leading software producers including Adobe, AutoDesk, Macromedia, Microsoft, Novell and Symantec. It is now operating in more than 80 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.

Al Redha commended the government’s efforts in cracking down on illegal software producers and said this would promote the country’s IT sector and its economy as the pirates, despite earning huge profits, do not pay any taxes. “BSA will continue to work with the government to help reduce the rate of piracy in the country,” he reiterated.

He observed, “Software copying is bad for any business as a company can end up paying a lot of fines for breaching the copyright law” and added, unlicensed software exposes them to legal cases which can cost thousands of rupees to settle.

The country’s copyright law provides for penalties that can result in up to three years in prison, or fines of up to Rs. 200,000, and seizure of equipment used for illegal copying, he pointed out.

The BSA’s members include Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Bentley Systems, Borland, Cisco Systems, CNC Software, Dell, Entrust, HP, IBM, Intel, Macromedia, McAfee, Microsoft, PTC, SAP, SolidWorks, Sybase, Symantec, Synopsys and UGS.

Counter Piracy!

May 16, 2006

BSA has warned all well known organizations in Pakistan to get rid of their pirated copies of softwares, and get legal licensed version before 20th May. 3 more days left. Lets see what will happen after the deadline. Check coverage on Jang.

But if:
You don’t want to be part of this?
Want to be on safe side?
Want to get rid of Pirated software?
Want to use licensed and legal software with out paying heavy licensing fee?
Want to deploy leading edge softwares in your organization?

There is only one simple answer to all the above questions, use OPEN SOURCE. Yes! Believe me open source is the answer to all the above questions. Contact a good open source consultancy organization, because they are here to help you. Offcourse they will charge you a little fee, but it will be very less as compare to those heavy licensing fees of commercialized softwares. Below are some well known Organization you can contact:

1. Ping Systems:
2. Emergen:
3. Copyleft solutions

for more organizations:

Use Open Source Software, Kill Piracy.
Live happier life!

One more very good Python site!

May 16, 2006

Found one more very good resource for python programmers. Check out A.M. Kuchling’s page

How to become a Hacker

May 15, 2006

So, you want to become a hacker? First you should know what a hacker is? and What basically is the art of hacking?

A hacker is the person who build things. For more elaborate information consult the How to becom a Hacker by Eric Steven Raymond. Eric Steven Raymond dosen’t need any introduction. He has written many good books one of them is about Open Source Development model, and is know as The Cathedral and the Bazaar. He is also maintaining the very famous jargon file, current version is 4.4.7. You can access many of his Articles and HOWTOs from here.

So, If you really want to be a hacker read all of this articles to get a feeling of hacker attitude and hackers culture. But If you want to know how to get un-authorized access in other peoples system then you must not waste your time read Eric’s articles. They aren’t for you. Go and read some real geeky articles especially of ankit fadia’s one :). No offence meant!

Thats it for now,
Happy Hacking!

Learning Python

May 15, 2006

Thanks to Eric Steven Raymond for giving advise to newbies to start learning programming with Python. It was my first programming language, as I was following the How to become a hacker.

Learning Python as a first language is not that hard, because python is very easy language as compared to others, and mind you I’m talking about true programming languages. Python comes with very good tutorial and documentation which includes library refrence, module index, macintosh library reference, language reference, extending and embedding, and python/C API. So just jump into the world of Python!

Following is the very basic guideline.

1. Download and install Python for your platform:
2. Read the tutorial at:
3. Here are some more links to the online python books available:

4. Some other very good python resources:

5. Checkout if you are interested in python game programming.
6. Last but very usefull joing the python tutor mailinglist at:

That was it.
Enjoy Python! and Happy programming!

Blog set up!

May 14, 2006

Today! may be I’ll spend time in setting up the blog. So, I won’t be posting anything usefull.